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About Simply Messy

Simply Messy is where children play, learn and make a mess through a variety of unstructured exploratory play experiences. Children's imaginations will run wild when they use their curiosity and senses to explore endless possibilities. There is no right or wrong way.


  • Creativity Independence

  • Hand eye coordination

  • Social interaction

  • Problem solving

  • Gross motor skills

  • Fine motor skills


  • Water

  • Sand

  • Foam

  • Playdough

  • Slime

  • Painting

And many more...

Why Simply Messy

Independent inquiry is a big part of children's learning and development. Simply Messy provides the opportunity for children to make their own discoveries using their senses, natural curiosity and knowledge.
The sessions are unstructured, and child led. Children get to choose what activity they want to explore, how long for and how they wish to explore it. Parents are encouraged to participate in all the messy fun!!


  • Transport

    Float in the boat or fly high in the sky

  • Farm

    Muddy pigs, milking cows, feeding chickens

  • Space

    Twinkle twinkle up in space, galaxy stars moon and rockets

  • Dinasuars

    Digging for fossils, hatching eggs

  • Cooking

    Mixing, patting, pouring, stirring

  • Australian

    Hopping kangaroos, slithering snakes and uluru

And many more...